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Paid Faster

We will streamline your billing process so your claims will get through insurance companies faster to get your money quicker.

Short Term Contracts

Hate long term contracts? We only have month to month contracts so there is nothing to buy out of, no penalty fees, and no hassle.

Less Stress

No more worrying about unpaid claims. We take on the frustration of dealing with insurance companies for you and make sure you get paid.

What you should know about All-Tex

All-Tex Provider Services provides professional & expert medical billing services to medical practitioners. Our focus is serving small, independent, fee-for-service practices. As a result, we understand your needs. Providers face significant economic challenges as government programs, managed care networks, and private insurers continue to seek ways to reduce your payments for medical services. We are dedicated to providing competitively priced medical billing services and medical practice solutions. Our services extend from HIPPA compliance to managing Medical billing, Medical Credentialing and other medical practitioner consulting services.

We are committed to providing our clients with best-in-class, responsive customer service and strive to be the company of choice for small, independent medical practitioners and professionals. Toward this end, we serve our clients ethically, honestly and with integrity. We encourage client feedback, and constantly strive to improve the quality of our medical billing services and medical provider solutions through attention to detail, responsiveness and technology. We take the time to work through and proactively resolve any issues that may arise. All-Tex manages our company's performance and productivity with the end goal of maximizing client satisfaction.

All-Tex Provider Services experts have been working with mental health practitioners for more than 15 years and over 5 years of experience with general practitioners as well. The invaluable hands-on experience in the front and back offices, practice management and coder/biller experience clearly allows us to provide exceptional service. Additionally, over the years the focus of our service has been solo practitioners and small practices allowing us to specialize our services to accommodate this demographic.

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Services we provide for you

Outsourcing your medical billing is a big decision. All-Tex is proud to be a full service medical reimbursement management company. We offer client based digital solutions allowing for custom reporting, ongoing audits, and continuous error reduction. Unlike our competition, all of our services are included.

Certified Coding

All-Tex's expert team of AAPC, AHIMA and specialty-certified coders review the patient documentation and assign accurate CPT, ICD and HCPCS codes to assure error-free claims submissions.

Medical Billing

Our billing setup and service will streamline your billing cycle. We take care of sending your claims to Medicare, Medicaid or the appropriate commercial insurance provider. Denied claims are handled by our knowledgeable claims follow-up team to insure you get paid.


We provide information and advice for insurance contract negotiations. Our highly trained staff takes care of enrollment with Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health insurance providers. We monitor and follow up with insurers to make certain you are always up to date and certified.

Compliance Audits

At All-Tex we offer compliance medical auditing services that reduce denials, ensure regulatory compliance and adhere to all government protocols. By implementing periodic coding audits in your practice to reveal inaccuracies, optimize reimbursement and reduce potential legal actions and fines.

Contract Negotiation

We help the healthcare providers to renegotiate their reimbursements/contracts with the insurance companies. At All-Tex we follow a diligent process of contract negotiation to provide you with the best possible reimbursement. Call (817) 239-5627 to schedule your confidential Analysis.

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